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Dr Greg Hibbins

Greg has worked with adults, children and young people for most of his life. Greg is an experienced educationalist and pastor, and has the ability to take almost any concept and make it age related. For more than three decades Greg has held people enthralled with his fast moving stories in sermons, schools and public speaking. In 2014, Greg decided to start writing and to date has five books out. In 2017 Greg experienced a number of health setbacks that impacted his ability to publish any new titles in 2017. With the advent of 2018, Greg's health issues are under control, so he hopes to publish new titles this year. Greg writes across a number of various genres with his current focus on Christian fiction, Christian living and Children's fiction. 

After living in Africa for many years, Greg now lives in the UK. Greg has been married for thirty five years to the most amazing woman  and has two adult children and four grand children. Greg is currently busy on;

1) Dark Threat-Angel Force Book 3. This is the third book in the series.
2) The Amazing Adventures of Solly and Harry-Parachuting, Book 3 in the series.
3) Be Real Series-  A series focusing on key practical issues. 

  • Be Real- Raising Boys
  • Be Real- Raising Girls
  • Be Real- Parenting
  • Be Real- Manhood
  • Be Real- Womanhood

    and many more. 

Greg has been a special force soldier, educationalist, pastor and honourary game ranger.  Greg is a gifted speaker who can deliver a range of seminars encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects. Thirty plus  years of ministry experience has equipped him with great insights.