Dr Greg Hibbins

Author Bio


Dr Greg Hibbins was born in South Africa, but grew up in Northern Rhodesia and Rhodesia after his family moved north when he was six weeks old. Greg grew up in an occult home and was trained in the occult from an early age, however when he was sixteen, God broke through to him, and he became a born-again Christian.

Greg was forced to leave home when his mother gave him an ultimatum to either turn his back on Jesus or lose his inheritance and home. Greg chose Christ and left home to join the army at 16. The first twenty-one years of his life is recorded in his new release ‘God, Help Me!’ and is a compelling read.

Greg has served in pastoral ministry for almost four decades and brings that wealth of real-life experience to his writings, both fiction and non-fiction.

Greg has been a special force soldier, educationalist, honourary game ranger, pastor and leadership consultant. Greg is currently a pastor, author and speaker and loves to help people discover their God-given purpose in life.

Greg is married, has a son and daughter and four wonderful grand-children.

Greg is based in Oxfordshire, UK. After forty-nine years of living in Africa, Greg and his wife moved to the UK in 2009.