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 Write. Learn. Grow. Our Private Christian Publishing House is open to Christian writers of all skill levels. 

  Welcome, all. We will discuss and assist you in discovering all the exciting options that are open to authors today. 

From traditional print books, the e-book, to ISBN numbers and beyond, we will see you through. Caracal Books is here to help you as an author. Getting your book or books into print can be a daunting task. Caracal books will lead you through the maze and share the joy with you when you hold your first copy in your hand.

 Just step out. Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to novice and veteran Christian authors as they seek to publish their works.

 Our values are traditional evangelical/charismatic Christian values. Trust and integrity are the bedrock of our publishing house.   Caracal Books is a private publishing house that focuses on publishing good quality Christian books and books that complement our traditional family values and Christian ethos.

  We publish 

* Adult Christian Fiction 

* Children's Christian Fiction

 * Children's books that support traditional family values 

*  Christian Life Books 

  Caracal Books is a not for profit division of Caracal Enterprises.  

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is" -Romans 12:2



 Fair and Honest Rates.

 We keep our prices low, because our mission is to bring Christian authors to the market.

 The average cost to bring a 275 page novel to print is +-£1000.00 all inclusive.

 That is 90% cheaper than many other companies offering the same service. 

 Basic Rates.

 Basic copy editing at £1 per page Content editing at £0.01 per word.

 Cover Production with ISBN at between £70-£100.

Publishers Fee of between £300-£400 

We take NO percentage of your sales.




 • Author advice

 • Book Publishing Packages

 • Book Printing Platforms

 • Illustrator connecting 

• Cover Design and networking 

• Website design 

• Author Website

  • Assistance Marketing Guidance

  Other Service Options.

 Basic Author Website-POA

 Facebook Page Creation-POA

 Christian Event Promotion-POA

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