Childrens Fiction- Fun, adventure and life lessons.


Solly and Harry, Adventure Series

 The two boys featured in this series of stories are Solly, short for Solomon, and Harry. They are eight years old and are ethnic Capetonians, living in Cape Town, South Africa. The two boys are always up to mischief and have many adventures together.

 At the end of each book, Solly and Harry, journal all they have learnt on their adventure. This journal is a great tool for discussion, with parents and teachers; to reinforce good values and lessons that will equip the reader for life.  

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Up, Up and Away.

In this adventure the two boys disobey their parents, sneak out with a new toy plane and havoc follows. Great fun all the way.

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Shark Encounter!

Once again the boys ignore their parents, set off on a beach adventure and trouble soon finds them in the form of a Great White Shark. Nail biting suspense. 

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