Angel Force-Fast flowing dynamic Christian Fiction


Angel Force-Born Again Special Force Soldiers

The dark spectre of violent extremism is engulfing the world, having global implications. The battle in the heavenly realm is fierce. God allows circumstances to develop that leads to the formation of Angle Force. They are a Special Force Unit of Christian believers, tasked with combating the darkening clouds of evil engulfing the world.   5 STAR reviews for both novels.

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Recalled- A 'BookWorks- Book of the Week'


Recalled featured in the BookWorks Summer 2017 must read book-list and was BookWorks, 'BookWorks-Book of the Week' in December 2017.  

Al-Qaeda extremists launch a multi pronged attack on the UK. In one location, a pastor with a dark past  must act to prevent a bloodbath. The fate of his own family and friends hang in the balance, as he steps out in faith, to become the man he had hoped to forget. PLEASE NOTE-this book contains no foul language, despite a malicious review on Amazon .com saying it does.

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Black Flag Rising-Angel Force Book Two

 IS launch a number of devastating attacks across Europe, and the United Kingdom is not exempt. Innocent civilians are being targeted, the death toll is rising and IS is not slowing down. As tragedy strikes at their very core , Angel Force is in a race against time to neutralise the threat before the 'Black Flag' rises over Europe. 

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